She sings songs of long since passed, of nevermore, and somethings, and potentials, and impossibilities; still older than rocks, that were once boulders, and which have long since ceased being of mountains but which are still mountains in their minds; of cities, and men, women, and children, long since passed and forgotten save all but she. Memories tug, and pull, eddying out past understanding and passing into myth, legend and the mad fancies of all bar her for she knows and in the knowing comes certainty and in the certainty of knowing things which should never be known comes fear for that which is may come again or it may never, and that this is known to her and still more. All the world is her song, and all the mad fancies, and all the memories of people not her own but her own, for she is of all peoples and in her blood peculates the blood of Kings and Queens uncrowned, Gods and Goddesses undefied, and she is all and nothing, many and myriad, hundreds and thousands, the fire in the blood, the light of the world and of the world, and the worlds entire. She is God, and in her name all shall be known.

Deeds II, III

Mulberry to beguile, ivory to seduce, silk to call, tongue to bind, lips to kiss.

Deeds V, II

Deeds is a holy book of the Aitahist faith, concerned primarily with the affirmation of the Aitah's power, and the ecumenical scope of the religion, which looked to overthrow the established order in over a dozen countries. As such, it is one of the more direct and down-to-earth books of the canon.

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