Cyvekt Wardship
690 SR–920 SR


Territorial Extent in 910 SR
Capital Lemdeh
Language(s) Cyvekt, Stettin, Faronun, Satar
Religion Aelonism
Government Theocracy
High Wards
 - 881 SR - 913 SR Hygren I
 - 913 SR - 920 SR (associated) Aelea ekGyrdac
 - High Wardship declared 690 SR
 - Council of Lemdeh 678 SR
 - Associated into the Halyrate 920 SR
 - Disestablished 920 SR
Warning: Value not specified for "continent"

The Cyvekt Wardship is a state consisting of the whole of the island of Ederrot in the north Yadyevu Sea. Religious governors, known as Wards, control various cities or territories within the realm and are appointed for life by the High Ward. The High Wards, absolute rulers of Cyve and highest authority in Aelonism, are similarly appointed through election by the Wards and reign for life. A religious rebellion formed after the Council of Lemdeh, in 672 SR, overthrew the Karapeshai puppet princes in Lexevh, establishing the current Aelonist theocracy in 690 SR.


The founders of the modern state on Ederrot, the Cyvekt, and the cuCyve (literally: of Cyve) dynasty, originated from the north of the island, invading the south and uniting the island against an invasion by the Stetin tribes. Eventually securing their rule against both this and an attack by the Lusekt, Cyve led the formerly isolated region into world affairs. After a while, it fell into an alliance with the Karapeshai Exatai, opposing the Farubaida o Caroha in their attempts to expand into the far north. After Ephasir failed to resist Taexi, Cyve was fully incorporated into the Karapheshai as the Princedom of Bone. However, the Karapeshai still gave this northern Princedom looser reins than most of the Satar princedoms, allowing them to participate more or less independently in the War of the Ashen Throne. Even with the rule of the Satar puppet Fulwarc III, the Cyvekt tend to turn a somewhat kinder eye towards their Aelonist neighbors -- perhaps unsurprisingly, owing to their being the birthplace of the Aitah Aelona cuCyve.

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