The Concourse is the highest permanent deliberative body of the Maninist Faith, and plays a critical role in regulating relations between and among the various Synothal Orders, between the Orders and the High Ward, and between the Faith and the outside world.


The Concourse is comprised of the leaders of the largest and most influential Orders - the so-called Synothal Orders - each possessing a single vote. In practice the tyranny of distance requires the leaders to send chosen representatives in their stead, and the heads of all the Synothal Orders are rarely at Concourse unless an event of great import is to be discussed. While the Orders are officially all equal, voting blocs led by particular Orders tend to appear, and Concourse agendas are driven by those leaders. Most of these are short-lived, driven by a particularly charismatic leader or burst of economic persuasion, and dissolving in short order, although the Sadorishi have since the inception of Concourse acted as the leaders of a loose bloc in favour of aggressively defending the Faith's prerogatives.


Concourse has the power to determine what is and is not an Order, has final authority on the approval or rejection of Sequoras as well as their amendment, and exercises a great influence on official theological pronouncements. It acts as the court of final appeal for the Maninist sphere, adjudicates disputes between Orders (though this is typically only exercised if the Orders themselves prove unable or unwilling to reach a satisfactory conclusion), and may demand actions of Orders, either singly or coordinated. Any sufficiently important agreement between an Order and a foreign power is subject to Concourse approval, in order to prevent the spread of monarchism, and any member may request Concourse action if it feels itself threatened by a temporal power, at which point Concourse may either reach a diplomatic solution or organize a military intervention from the Synothal Orders (or do nothing at all, of course). 



The voting members of the Concourse are the thirteen Synothal Orders

The Concourse is presided over by the High Ward, but he does not have a vote. Additionally, there are several associate members, who may sit in on meetings and participate in discussions, but are excluded from final deliberations and have no vote. At present these are the Prime Saepuary of the Eskarites, the Ward of Sirasona, and the Vialocutor

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