Chama is a city on the northern shore of the Airendhe, south of the mouth of the River Abrea.

During the later years of the Amure Empire and throughout the Tollanaugh Empire, Chama ruled its own substantial independent state, sometimes also containing the nearby city of Gialla on the Abrea. Unusual for the region, Chama was governed by a council of leaders rather than a single autocratic ruler, though the degree to which individuals exerted influence over this council is a matter of historical dispute. Chama's ships dominated commerce in the Airendhe, a sea over which the Amure and Tollanaugh had little influence or interest.

However, during the conquest of the Tollanaugh leading to the establishment of the Dulama Empire, the Chama sent a large army to support the collapsing Tollanaugh forces. After their defeat, efforts to resist the Dulama proved futile, and the armies of Chama were crushed and incorporated into the growing power. Although the city possessed a great deal of naval power, without a land base, that power quickly dwindled, and most Chama loyalists fled lands beyond the Dulama's reach, particularly to the nascent realm of Haina. The Dulama Emperors actively supported the ascendancy of Saigh as the main Airendhe port to punish Chama for its resistance.

Today, the city exists but is much reduced from its historical prosperity. It is currently ruled by the Empire of Trahana, along with most of the Airendhe coast.

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