Caron Nuvor was a Gallatene statesmen, soldier, explorer and general of the Halyrate, and last leader of a united Gallatene state. A scion of the House of Nuvor and cousin of the more famous Araldi, he was born into the first generation after the Immolation, and served with distinction in the later stages of the Peregrination. Altaro Javan trusted him sufficiently to select him to rule Gallat itself when he divided his empire in the Testament, just prior to disappearing. Nuvor ruled Gallat as Lord Regent from the disappearance of Javan until his own death, and led that state with substantial success against the schismatic Airani, and with much less success as an adjunct to Arteras's Armageddon. Though he was a more than capable general, and a sufficiently skilled leader of men to maintain the appearance of unity while he yet lived, he lacked the political savvy and raw cunning necessary to navigate the treacherous Gallatene political situation, and behind the scenes his rule saw central authority dribble away to the Houses and the cities, as factions of nobles and Halyrate new men jockeyed for influence. Nuvor's death opened the floodgates, and within a few years the Halyrate was a dead letter and Gallat divided into innumerable warring fiefdoms. 

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