Once one of the two largest and most powerful Stetin states, Brunn was a kingdom lying in the narrow and foggy valleys of the northern woods. The main descendant of the near-legendary Gotht dynasty, Brunn had lain dormant for some centuries before beginning a new phase of expansion with a campaign against Wer that crushed the latter state and catapulted Brunn to prominence. They competed for hegemony over the Stetin with their rivals in Seehlt, and adopted the faith of Aelonist Aitahism after the eponymous Aitah took up residence in their capital. Leading a crusade of the faithful on a march to Gallasa, the Brunnekt nearly won the War of the Ashen Throne before running into the immovable object of Javan's Halyrate and being gradually picked apart; a raid by the Karapeshai Redeemer Taexi sacked their capital and killed Aelona's daughter, Kintyra, and the empire crumbled under the combined assault of Ereithaler and the Halyrate. Only a rump kingdom remains in the north, dependent on the Parthecan trade routes and patronage in their new capital of Kurchen. The rise of the Ereithaler Commonarchy spelled the end of the Brunnekt Kingdom, although Kurchen yet remains semi-independent due to the heavy influence of Parthecan merchants in the city.

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