Vesadevas is the name of a small valley near the River Markha, which became the site to the climactic battle of the Third Armageddon, a massive war between the Karapeshai Exatai and the Holy Moti Empire (along with its allies, the Kothari Exatai and the Farubaida o Caroha). Led by the Ayasi First-Lerai, the Moti had marched up the Exile Coast and across the Rath Tephas to seize Onesca and Siaxis, and converged on the city of Sacossa, where the Farubaidan fleet attempted to land, though it was thwarted in attempts to take the city by the Accan fleet of the Karapeshai. Lerai's plan was to wheel about the Markha closer to the Rahevat and avoid exposing his army while fording the wider parts of the Markha. Meanwhile, the Karapeshai Redeemer Talephas brought his own army from the north, and met Lerai's turning movement at Vesadevas.

The battle was one of the largest in history, and turned largely on the attempt by the Moti to use their Satar-style cataphracts to encircle and destroy the smaller Karapeshai army. These cavalry ran straight into the teeth of the Accan pike formations, which had been exhaustively drilled by Talephas to perform complex maneuvers as units; they managed to turn in time and shred the cavalry charges. Subsequent further attacks from Taudo auxiliaries and the Evyni and Ming swordsmen put Lerai's army to flight and killed the Ayasi. The Karapeshai scored a decisive victory, effectively ending Lerai's hopes of destroying the Exatai.

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