The third Redeemer of the Karapeshai Exatai, Avetas was Prince of the Scroll tribe before being acclaimed Redeemer after the death of Jahan. Born to Nephrax-ta-Delphis, the legendary Butcher at the Feast of Kargan, Avetas grew up during the troubled times of the War of the Three Gods and distinguished himself in the destruction of the Evyni Empire sufficiently enough to win the throne over his sometimes rival, sometimes friend Elikas. He presided over the destruction of the Censoratta and the eventual peace that ended the War of the Three Gods before launching a war against the Dual Empire over control of Gallat.

His most enduring accomplishments, however, would prove to be the construction of Atracta, especially its noted Sephashim, an academy of learning unprecedented in size and scope in this region of the world, and a raft of legal reforms which would encourage Acca banking as an underwriter of the state in return for major financial concessions, and moderately reducing the long-term influence of blood slavery (as opposed to debt slavery) as an economic institution in the far north. 

He was the second Redeemer since the foundation of the Karapeshai. Since his death, he has aften been called Avetas-ta-Sephasai. (Avetas the Wise) His death would lead to a contested succession between his bastard son Taro, also called Tephras, and his ward Karal. The Karapeshai Civil War would end after 17 years of bloodshed and stalemate with Karal's ultimate victory.  

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