Avaimi refers both to the dominant culture of the former Evyni Empire, and the language they speak. In Satar they are commonly known as Evinai. A noble people with a proud aristocratic tradition, their traditional faith of Ytauzi has since been integrated into the iconography of Ardavan in recent centuries. Following persecution by other groups, they have adopted an increasingly semi-nomadic lifestyle in the lands between the Rhon and the Iom. 

Origins and ConquestEdit

Historically speaking, it is believed that they originated in the west, chafing under the rule of the original Ming Empire. Migrating to escape this, they arrived in the valley of the River Iom, where they founded the city of Anyais and the states of Cotisi and Evyn. The latter later became the Evyni Empire, and over time, the Empire grew into one of the strongest in the north, conquering its brother state of Cotisi, the remnants of the Ming and a dozen other small states until it fell to Satar invaders in the War of the Three Gods.

Currently, the Avaimi reside primarily in the Vellari Exatai where they are usually regarded as something of second class citizens, having been denied a princedom of their own. They are much more highly regarded in the Exalai Sartashai, where they have happily intermarried and integrated with the conquering Satar population. 

Cultural HabitsEdit

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