N3S Auona

Auona highlighted in its surroundings

, also known as Naelsia (Faronun: New Helsia), is a large island lying off the south-eastern end of the continental landmass of Athis. The northeastern tip of the island forms part of the Indigo Gate, and the northwestern tip the straits connecting the Cyntal and Leunan seas, and so Auona holds the two crucial chokepoints on the eastern trade route. Control of the northern shore of the island has consequently been hotly contested by the various imperial powers of the south, with Nahari, Leunan and Opulensi forces controlling portions for significant periods. At present the north is dominated by the Daharai Republic and its client city states. The south of the island was colonized centuries ago by Faronun settlers fleeing the Treda, and the state they established, Farea, has controlled the southern half of Auona with little interruption for nearly seven hundred years.

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