EoE Athis

The political situation on Athis in RM 799

Athis is the common name for the eastern continent of the world. Originally it was the Gallatene word for the lands on the southern side of Inm-Anmar. As the reach of Gallatene merchants expanded it came to be applied to the eastern shores of the Three Seas, and then finally as explorers pushed into the east and the extent of the continent became clear, to the entire eastern continent. There is some dispute as to whether Athis refers solely to the continental landmass, or if the term includes the various islands lying off its shores, the principal of these being Spitos, Auona, Parthe and Cyve


The interior of Athis is dominated by two great deserts, the Jadhai and the Face of the Moon, that combine to cover a great proportion of the continent and whose inhospitable nature left civilization largely confined to the western and southern fringes of Athis for centuries. In the south the desert goes almost to the sea, leaving a thin strip of arable land on the north of the Kbrilma, and cooler, wetter land in the hilly peninsula trending down to Hulinui. In the southwest human populations are largely confined to the fertile Peko valley and the densely populated coastal strip near Mahid. The majority of Athis' population lives north of an arc roughly described by the Allato Hills, and the Haidali and Corocya mountain ranges. Beyond this imaginary line the climate becomes much wetter and cooler, trending to subarctic in the extreme north. The west is dominated by the plains of Gallat and Selessan, the north by the hills and lakes of Stettin country, and the northeast, the only area lacking a sharp divide between desert and elsewhere, by the decreasingly arid Berathi steppe.

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