Athas is a city just south of the River Had, nestled in the northern foothills of the Kothai. Founded by the Satar Prince Hashaskor on the site of an existing village, Athas served as a haven for the Prince of the Star's army, fleeing south after the Satar defeat in the War of the Crimson Elephant. It sat just beside the trade routes that crossed the Kothai between the valleys of the Had and the River Kiyaj, allowing the Satar to constantly raid the caravans there, and nurturing the growing Kothari Exatai of which Athas was the capital. As the Exatai swelled, so too did the city, which acquired a whole host of fortresses, urban palaces, and temples. Even after the Kothari Redeemers moved their court to Jahip, Athas remained a summer refuge from the heat of the Had valley, and an important center of Kothari culture -- in the present day, it is the last real refuge of Ardavan in the eastern Exatai.

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