Astria stretches along the eastern coast of the Lovi Sea, once a former vassal and protectorate of the once enormous Dual Empire. The Astrians have inhabited this area for centuries, ever since their arrival from the northeast in the early Iron Age. Founding several city states, they were united by the leadership of Tadon in the wake of an invasion by the Nahari Empire, adopting the religion of Maninism that had recently been introduced into the area by the Sira. Allying with Sira, they ably turned away several challenges to their independence, surviving until the Savirai crushed the various Nahsjad Roshates and conquered the southern cities. They, like other outlying areas of the Dual Empire, are given surprisingly large amounts of independence. Astria was also a popular location for disowned cadet branches of the Savirai royal family.

After the Peace of Magha, Astria was named independent by the Farubaida and the Halyrate. Unfortunately, alleged Farubaidan interference paved the way for a Gallatene invasion. Currently, Astria is the center of a massive diplomatic confrontation between the Farubaida and the Halyrate, also involving the Daharai, Kothari, and Karapeshai due to various alliances or statements. (27) Although it seems to be resolved based on Indagahori mediation, tensions remain high.

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