Anhalter was a country in the far north, one of the numerous Stetin kingdoms before Brunn's and Ereithaler's expansionist wars. For most of its history quite small, it eventually grew in size by adapting to the local mountains and expanding eastward, becoming what many termed the "third" of the Stetin states (behind Seehlt and Brunn). Its rise accelerated when it absorbed many refugees fleeing from the destruction of Treuben, and became viewed as a haven from the massive religious war brewing between Brunn and Seehlt. It stayed completely neutral in the War of the Ashen Throne, and maintained a watchful eye on the growing influence of the Halyrate of Gallat and Brunn across the region.

But the balance of power shifted radically, and Ereithaler surpassed both Brunn and Seehlt by the late 7th century SR, becoming the new face of Stetin unification. Anhalter assembled an alliance of the remaining smaller Stetin and Ethir states to temporarily halt this movement, but the coalition has recently fallen by the wayside, leaving the smaller countries open to attack. Eventually Anhalter succumbed to Alonite and Ereithaler expansion.

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